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Emma poncho cape PDF sewing pattern

Emma poncho cape PDF sewing pattern

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The EMMA poncho is perfect for spring and fall. It looks lovely over a long sleeved shirt or sweater. A poncho is a wonderful substitute for a jacket, jumper etc. and great for the transition period.

Skill Level: Beginners and up

Recommended Fabric: Sweatshirt material, fleece, or upcycle a throw blanket!

Calculate the amount of fabric you need as follows: Place a measuring tape on the left wrist up along the arm, around the neck and down along the other arm until you reach the right wrist. (e.g. toddler total length is approx. 100cm (40”)).

Now measure the poncho length by starting under the chin downwards. (E.g. toddler: approx. 60cm (24”) length.)

According to our example, the fabric piece must be 100cm (40”) wide and 120cm (48”) long => 2x60cm (2x24”)

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