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Olaf scarf with three variations PDF sewing pattern

The OLAF scarf instruction eBook includes three looks in two sizes: Ages 1-3 and 3 and up. Version 1 features pompom ends; Version 2 features a thin border of the interior fabric and a full loop; Version 3 features a thick border and a thin loop. Have fun mixing and matching! This pattern is a wonderful project to use snuggly fabric remnants.

Skill Level: Beginners and up

Fabric Recommendation: Fleece

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  • An “eBook”, with step-by-step instructions for sewing your project.

Recommended Fabric: Fleece or sweatshirt material

Fabric Requirements:

Version 1, Age 1-3: Two pieces of fabric that are 16 cm (6 ¼”) wide and 85 cm (33 ½”) long.

Version 1, Ages 3 and up: Two pieces of fabric 18 cm (7”) wide and 95-100 cm (37-39”) long.

Version 2, Age 1-3: One piece 13cm (5") wide and 85cm (33 1/2") long; one piece 16cm (6 1/4") wide and 85cm (33 1/2") long

Version 2, Ages 3 and up: One piece 15cm (5 3/4") wide and 95-100cm (37"-39") long; one piece 18cm (7") wide and 95-100cm (37"-39") long.

Version 3, Age 1-3: 4 pieces each 85cm (33 1/2") long; one 12cm (4 3/4") wide; two 5cm (2") wide; and one 18cm (7") wide.

Version 3, Ages 3 and up: 4 pieces 95-100cm (37"-39") long; one 14 (5 1/2") wide; two 5cm (2") wide; and one 20cm (7 3/4") wide.

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